The latest release of Bio Image Operation (BIO) is available here.

BIO is only released as 64 bit, requiring a 64 bit version of Windows.

Download BIO version 1.4.420.22

Download BIO script instructions


Version 1.4.420.22:

- Support OpenCV 4.2.0 (and correct version of openh264)

- Save clusters/tracks: now uses frames and time as well as saving contours, added different output formats

- Fixed various small bugs


Version 1.4.410.21:

- Fixed memory leak in showing images with stride

- Use time when saving tracks etc

- Proper file modified detection including auto save on run


Version 1.4.410.20:

- Support OpenCV 4.1.0

- Fixed bug in videos without length/frames property

- Fixed bug showing images with stride/padding

- Fixed bug not showing images after error occurs

- Minor fixes for video progress


Version 1.4.400.10:

- Added saving clusters and tracks by label


Version 1.4.400.9: 

- Exposed video API selection


Version 1.4.400.8:

- Supports OpenCV 4.0.0

- Fixed bugs in image series and cluster drawing

- Simplified stats calculations improcing automatic tracking parameter calculation


Version 1.4.341.7:

- Added GPL license information


Version 1.4.341.6:

- Further improved automatically finding optimal tracking parameters

- Added 'Check for updates' functionality

- Minor bug fixes


Version 1.4.341.5:

- Significantly improved automatically finding optimal tracking parameters

- Draw logarithmic color legend based on input parameters

- Many improvements and bug fixes and updates to the help/manual


Version 1.4.341.4:

- Implemented directly writing to video file using H264 encoding


Version 1.4.341.3:

- Significant improvement in overall performance


Version 1.4.341.2 (OpenCV 3.4.1):

- Implemented all track draw functions including many options

- Improved script argument checking and help

- Uses OpenCV 3.4.1


Version (OpenCV 3.4) - This is a major rewrite from C#/Emgu to C++/OpenCV. These are the key points:

- Using OpenCV directly - with full library support and using the latest version

- Real-time processing of HD video source (on standard consumer hardware) due to significant performance improvements

- Direct memory management with superior memory footprint

- Improved error handling and argument checking

- Built-in dynamically-generated script help

- Improved cluster detection: using connected components for accurate cluster sizes

- Very efficient custom image display, for minimal impact on main image processing loop

- Improved installer with pre-requisites detection and download (using WiX)

- Re-branded artwork