Flexible Script-based Image Operation

Bio Image Operation or 'BIO', is a next generation Image processing tool focussing on biological applications, balancing ease of use with desired flexibility required for research.

This tool has been developed in collaboration with biologists, using extensive captured images.

The solution balancing both the need for research purposes and flexibility required for this, and desired ease of use is realised in a script based user interface.

The tool uses the widely used OpenCV for many of it's image operations, with an efficient tracking algorithm allowing real time processing (upto HD @ 50 fps).


Automated tracking example: Tracking from public source: ants walking on concrete with varying lighting (video used from this public source):

tracking detail

(View full video here)


User Interface



Visualisation example

Visualising tracks simply using image combination (Source material from Tom Wenseleers and colleagues - University of Leuven)

combine short