This is a simple to use, free histogram analysis tool. Using Excel or Libre Office (Calc) it is possible to create histograms in a semi-automated fashion. However, loading large data files (more than 1 million rows) seems to be relatively slow considering the data analysis is straight forward and not computing intensive.


This tool automatically reads a text file (data presented in rows) of an arbitrary length, performs basic statistical analysis, and draws a histogram. Now also support data in columns, with variable bin size and range.


Latest binary (64 bit Windows only):







- Custom desktop time gadgets similar to Windows Desktop Gadgets

- All gadgets are linked using the same time / location / time zone

- Advanced location selection using DB with 20000 geographical locations

- Highly customisable

- Multiple monitor support


Download Ultimate Time Gadgets V1.3.0.2

Download Manual


Change log:

- Fixed bug when re-creating new gadget types

- Fixed issue on windows shutdown

- Added 3 new gadgets, including daylight dial

- Corrected season start of season dial

- Added check for updates

- Bug in custom time zone fixed



Multi-purpose image measurement tool, which allows obtaining data from published graphs accurately.



- Input: Any image format or from clipboard / print screen

- Explore exact coordinates anywhere on the graph

- Marking multiple data points

- Output: Marked data points as CSV file (for Excel)

- Variable zoom


Download Image Ruler V1.0

Download Manual