• ProMISE 2

    Completely graphical interface

    ProMISE 2 introduces a new completely graphical user interface. A visual representation of the column (top of image) allows selection of visual elements which enables specific input parameters. When input parameters are changed the visual column representation adapts to these parameters, and predictive results are shown real time in graph and numerical forms (bottom of image).

    Freely available as Open Source software under the GNU GPL-3.0 License

    Download latest version here

    Download manual

    Source: github.com/folterj/ProMISE2

  • ProMISE model

    Probabilistic Model for Immiscible Separations and Extractions (ProMISE)

    Chromatography models, liquid-liquid models and specifically Counter-Current Chromatography (CCC) models are usually either iterative, or provide a final solution for peak elution. This paper describes providing a better model by finding a more elemental solution. A completely new model has been developed based on simulating probabilistic units. This model has been labelled ProMISE: Probabilistic Model for Immiscible phase Separations and Extractions, and has been realised in the form of a computer application, interactively visualising the behaviour of the units in the CCC process. It does not use compartments or cells like in the Craig based models, nor is it based on diffusion theory. With this new model, all the CCC flow modes can be accurately predicted. The main advantage over the previously developed model, is that it does not require a somewhat arbitrary number of steps or theoretical plates, and instead uses an efficiency factor. Furthermore, since this model is not based on compartments or cells like the Craig model, and is therefore not limited to a compartment or cell nature, it allows for an even greater flexibility.